Text to sienna

Paddy: who the hell was coming out of your flat the other day
Paddy: I swear to god if you're involved with Ian again I'll lock you up myself
Paddy: what's going on?
Paddy: is this part of your grief?


Oh shit—— Where am I? 


"I promise you I’m not holding you hostage or anything, babes."

After putting down the glass of water with a few apparent spillages, Paddy knelt down the to startled girl, resting his two arms on the mattress, as he began to speak in a calm tone he prompted  her with a quick hand gesture to take a sip of water. He was used to dealing with people who weren’t in the right mind to find their way home, it had become quite the job description for him.

"I can’t tell you anything about what happened past what I know. I was closing up, you know, clearing up the glass bottles outside so that us Fishponds aint responsible for any over the head. You were mumbling something.. something about Zodiac.. I can’t remember..  Your dress shorter than appropriate for that time of night..- and that’s me saying it.. Sick in your hair, it was a wildly attractive meeting. You passed out, I didn’t think it was right for me to leave you outside, so clearly involuntarily inviting creepers. Yes, I slept on the couch. Keith says you have half hour to sober up then he wants you out. I’m Paddy, by the way. "


I swear it’s not what it looks like— you totally have this all wrong


"Well, I’ve just seen a scatty old man walking out of your apartment, babes, only way too pleased for my liking. Either you’re hosting a brothel here or your dad’s the new walking dead, I’ve gone insane and you’ve done something he’s well proud of in my dream."

"Am I what?"


"Am I stupid? Mate, I take myself seriously and if I don’t take myself seriously then who the fuck else is going to? Between the average Joe arsehole who spews out pop culture references like they’re making it rain and the women who remain, to this day, smarter than I’ll ever be there’s a lot out there that could make a blonde, fitness instructor seem imbecilic. Even more so than I actually am. That’s something that grates on me, I can take seeming stupid, what I can’t take is someone making me seem below my average. If I didn’t take myself seriously I would let that happen.”


"Here’s one more serious point: I need the bag for sixty, any more than that is a con." The dealer was baffled but James had made his point, he thought, in his own way. "Pleasure doing business with you, mate." The young man made off down the street with his usual swagger.

Making his way to the middle of Cabot Circus , he took a short cut down an alleyway. Paddy inhaled the cigarette deeply, allowing the smoke to disappear into the around him, his one hand tightly tucked into the pocket of his grey sweatpants, holding  the narcotics in his palm as if his life depended on the safety and distributions of the tabs. He spotted James Fitch exchanging a few things with the local Mafian, James was a boy that Paddy had known since they were first introduced by their siblings. The two had been causing trouble ever since. A smirk appeared on his face as he reached the dealing, balancing his burning cigarette between his lips Paddy began to greet him, in a different way than usual.

 ”Did I hear right? James telling that lad that he’s the brightest light bulb. Good try, mate. You were the dupper at the back of the class calling out the wrong answers, the boy who couldn’t spit out enough words to keep up with Of Mice and Men. That r-r-right m-mate.”

He spoke in a cheerful tone, cocking his head upwards as his patted his palm on James’ shoulder. 

"I’m only joking.-.. You’re set on putting me out of business aren’t you Fitch lad. I said I’d sort you out when you needed it - You won’t have to wait in the queue, mates rates.  Don’t go flaunting your money around ‘ere, they’ll always be after ya’, turn you into a crack head, and before long I’ll be visiting you in the morgue. At least with me you know where you stand. As for all that talk, you want to be careful he don’t send John fucking Cena after ya’, I’ve seen them, I swear. That’s Ian Carter, he’s a bloody riot if you get on the wrong side of him. Keith’s got me shifting this lot by the end of the day. How’s ya’ sweet talking, princess?”

[requested by anonymous]

I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me. You have no evidence, therefore you cannot make an arrest. Take them off me, right now. It’s probably some kids setting me up, I don’t know, maybe my ex has turned on my overnight, you might be mistaking me for my brother - he’s like the almighty crack head, wanted. But I swear I did not beat the shit out of that knob-head. I was helping him out.

Text to Sienna (Continued)

Sienna: You should know, considering you've slept with me, and probably know my body better than I do?
Sienna: Is that a way of saying, I've grown a nice pair of tits? Because apparently they are legendary
Sienna: Awe, I know, just wait until you're 21 babe, I'll be so proud, because I remember the days where you got completely hyped up off red bull and pissed in a fountain, and told police men that you were Adolf Hitler
Sienna: I love you too, babe.
Sienna: tarts and vicars? what do you have in mind?
Paddy: meh, you could say that
Paddy: I'd definitely agree, but that I'm obliged to ask who on earth are you flashing to?
Paddy: I forgot that you're basically a porn star now.. I'll have to think of a name for you, I reckon it should definitely have star in it..
Paddy: hey I kept you in a good prison camp, I'm like the opposite to hitler
Paddy: what about when breathed in fredos joint fumes, you made yourself known in the local jockey and tried to give poor Kev a good look at that fake tattoo on your thigh that you swore blind was real.. I don't know maybe you thought he was James or.. luckily I saved you from committing social suicide.. You weren't even off the ground for a second.
Paddy: we will never speak of this, unless someone hacks my phone
Paddy: I mean it, I do, yours is a little less emphasised though
Paddy: short skirts, shots of ten, and squirty cream
Paddy: I hear that goes down well

Text to Sienna (Continued)

Paddy: Don't make me laugh. You're hardly a lady.
Paddy: but you have grown into yourself, I'll give you that one but don't stop on my account, eh
Paddy: I can't believe it you know.. I know I sound like an old man but I remember when you couldn't even get into a club.. Today.. Lots of nostalgia.
Paddy: I fucking love you.
Paddy: I swear to holy Christ I haven't been drinking.. It's just..
Paddy: I'm sure we can cook something up, tarts and vicars, my love?

Text to Sienna

Paddy: So, you're like older now. Twenty is well old babe.
Paddy: Happy birthday cougar, I'll pop round later to give you beats.
Paddy: You're probably in Newcastle..
Paddy: In that case let me know when you get back.

Sometimes.. Sometimes I do miss my mum.. It’s not like I think about her everyday. She’s not important to me. I hate her for who she is.

I miss her everyday, I wish she was around to see me through the days where I feel lowest. She’s not a goddess, my mum, but she’s the first woman I respected and loved. I wouldn’t change anything about her.


I’m not okay but I have to cope don’t I? Can’t live the rest of my life in my bed, crying— because that’s not what me dad would want, he’d want me to make him proud and that’s what I’m gonna try and do. I would of thought you’d be getting bored of me being here now, Pads— Ya don’t want me staying in Bristol, do ya? I bet ya’d have much more fun without me, ere. I’ll get ya’ an oyster card anyway, out of me wages, cause I’m nice like that and I’ve missed a fair few of ya’ birthdays when I was in Newcastle, and I ‘ave an apartment, so if I do leave and Alex don’t want it, ya’ can have that, or ya’ can both share. Or if stay, ya can have the spare room, and yes it has an en-suite.

I can handle myself, babe—  and if not you should be my body guard, god knows you’ve hand enough experience looking after me. It’s good pay, either I’m modelling underwear, or normal clothes, it’s pretty fun actually.

Yes, yes—  I’ll get ya’ a kebab, you’re a fucking nag, ya’ know that?


You’re the bravest person I’ve ever met, you know that, don’t ya? Sienna, you have to know what.

Of course I want you to stay, you daft mare. More than anything, I might go insane without you. Don’t go. You’ll have a much better time ‘ere. Stay won’t you, stay. You have everything here. Go and unpack your bags. What’s going on, I mean why would you want to go? Put your shit in my room if you have to, I promise I’ll make you breakfast in the morning. I’ll sleep on the sofa.. At least stay for tonight.. We can sort something in the morning. Stay, Sienna. I can’t see you walking away again, I had enough heartbreak at 10 years old - Almost a better love story than that one with the shiny vampire. 

Don’t pretend that stopping in there is an inconvenience to your life, you’ll only end up getting on for yourself.


Afternoon to you too, seems like your morning was way more exciting than mine.


By the looks of ya’, yeah.


"Sounds tragic."


You know what it’s like around ‘ere, Effy. Worse than Eastenders, I day call the camera crew and we’d earn a living out of being taken for a mug, the crack heads would put on a right show, the kids would have a field day and as for the loved up pricks - They could have their wedding pay for and we’d  glitter tracing the streets, I bet you’d find it everywhere at the end of the day.. That’s one look I don’t think I’d be able to pull off.


Awh — you poor thing. Maybe that’s what you get for ditching your dear, wonderful friend in good ol’ Bristol with all these lame, depressing people. Karma’s a bitch. Didn’t know how much longer I could handle staring at the same, zombified faces.


I was going to invite you with me, honest, but I didn’t know where you were, thought you’d fallen off the face of the earth and I’m sure you stole my London calling CD. The lads would of loved having a girl around camp, it would of turned into a sex fest, forget the music - or at least you would. I haven’t seen you since we hooked up.. I don’t know Cat, I thought you were in a pissy - I’ve never had any complaints, it must’ve been you. A guy can’t do right for doing wrong, you know that. 

Give them a break, you’d be the same if you couldn’t get a job and the dole office wouldn’t give you tax payers money, they have to feed their dozen kids out of bins, out of bins.


"What fun. Remind me to open a champagne for you afterwards."


I’m not really a champagne lover, I can’t do posh. Next you’ll be handing me a crystal glass, it aint going to reach my lips but the head of a stoner.