Anonymous: mfk: sienna, meg, effy

These are all evidently important women in my life one way or another, forced or not.

M: Effy, she’s older than me, I like the idea of being somebody’s toyboy.

F: Meg.. - I’m counting on it, she might be a cunt to deal with but I know she wants me too.

K: I had my chance to marry Sienna, and I’ve already had her, I want something knew. We didn’t click like we were supposed to, she drove me crazy but I still love her as my best friend, even if I have chosen to bury her 6ft under.


{Meg had never been one for keeping dead to the schedules of life, hence why she was upstairs— probably a lot earlier than she should’ve been. Ears blocked with the sound of some pre-tween 80s boy band, y’know? The type you listened to purely because there’s no better way to hate yourself. There was nothing, in that spectacular moment, that Meg needed more than to brush her teeth— she hadn’t been home in a day and a half, and she could still taste Big Pete’s saliva underneath her canines, it was disgust in it’s purest and most vulnerable form. The buds of music pressed so far into each ear that they almost gave her cancer— stopped her from hearing the shower running until it was all too late. And there she was, standing in the doorway, standing in front of an all too naked co-worker of hers. However, Meg didn’t pride herself on having grace, or morals, or a conscience, so she had no personal struggle before glancing down, it wasn’t a long glance— and the towel went up soon after, but she’d seen all she’d needed to see, and that ever burning curiosity was part-way satisfied, as it always was.}

"—-We have just got to stop meeting like this, Byatt.”


{Paddy soon realised it was Meg once she stepped into better lighting, he caught her eyes guiding down for a split second and nudged her shoulder. The meeting wasn’t awkward as such but he knew that she wouldn’t stop hounding him for weeks afterwards. Turning off the shower he pushed past her, allowing his damp chest graze hers. He shook his head and replied to her latest statement, his feet leaving a water path all along the hallway.}

"You’re going to have to cut it out before we both get dumped on our arses for inappropriate play on duty."


{Reaching his bedroom, he dropped the towel and sought out to cover himself, he knew people were always up and down the stairs as they pleased and if somebody walked in on them in this situation he would be accused of all sorts - especially if the wrong person walked in. Paddy pulled on boxer shorts and grey sweat pants, before quickly joining the blonde back out in the living room.}

"As for duty, what are you doing up here? This isn’t a hangout for you to meet up with your fellas."


"Bring it up yourself." "But I hurt my back last week dur-" "Fine!"

[ Carelessly, she tossed her bag to Keith as he stood behind the bar. Bob had asked her to bring some box over to Fishponds because it was stuffed with the man’s old shit and beginning to release a pugnant odor. She didn’t have a job which made her the errand boy for her lovely Uncle. One more of these little trips and he’d be tied up in the bath tub and forgotten until it was "too late". Alex leaned against the door and tried turning the handle while still holding the box. Not happening. If she set it on the ground then she would most definitely not have the energy to pick it up again. Weed and cigarettes were going to be the death of her poor lungs. Awkwardly, she managed to open the door but almost fell entering it. She mumbled curse words as she crossed the room to set the box down in the corner with several others. Then the music she had been bopping her head to became clearer— not the radio. She stopped in her tracks and an eyebrow kinked up to the ass she was seeing through the glass in the shower. Man asses would be another possible death of the poor girl. Soon enough, she was spotted and couldn’t help but sigh as she saw the age of the boy resting in every feature of his face. She dropped the box and turned around while he began getting out of the shower. ]

"I am not that pedo whose all over the news, I swear. Your ass just—” [ She pressed her lips together and shook her head quickly, words only making the situation worse. ] "Does not reflect how young you probably are. I looked though. If you’re going to call the police, I will be the girl who cried wolf to save my ass from getting eaten by some butch cell bitch named Rosie."


"I didn’t expect company, I don’t normally sing, I mean you won’t catch me on the X-Factor until I’m at least eighty and it’s many years too late - What’s the use of having teen fans when you can’t get a hat up, you know." {He spoke with a chuckled as he securely pushed a corner of the towel into the hem. Switching off the shower, he ruffled his wet hair between his fingers. Paddy stepped closer to the girl that stood with her back to him. His brows frowned as he tried to view what was in the box that she had just dropped, a few magazines sprawled over the floor, he tutted and shook his head.}

"I’m seventeen." {The words came out like a shot, as if he was trying to persuade her that he wasn’t a child, but even when he did he felt young himself. His brain just couldn’t function in his favor and quickly change his age in a bid to keep the girl’s interest.}

"I hope you’re going to clean that up. Don’t get your knickers twisted, I’m not convinced that you’ve got a face that is capable of committing a crime as such - but as for looking, it’s fair to say it may come along soon, so as long as I don’t catch you in the park with your camera after this incident, the feds won’t be getting a call from me. Although I’ve got to share this with Keith, he’d of had a field day if it were him in the shower, wouldn’t stop talking about it for months, the only young women he is getting nowadays are only checking blood pressure, not in the area that he wants them too."

{Pulling the handle into the upward stance the water began running against the marble floor, the cold water splashing onto his arm freely he shuddered and made a sharp movement back. Paddy stripped from his clothing and stepped into the shower, eagerly practicing his singing notes.}

Hey pretty baby with the high heels on.. You give me fever like I’ve never..”

{Stopping mid line his eyes burned into the figure that had appeared just outside the bathroom door. Stepping out from under the shower causing a puddle to form on the floor, the droplets dripped generously down his torso and face, he grabbed a towel from the side and wrapped it around the bottom half of his exposed body.}

Don’t ever think you aren’t worth anything, you’re somebody’s somebody. You were mine.

Kate Moss just invited me to her birthday party.


It’s not a prank you fucking twat. I walked with her during fashion week.


And carried her coat?


"I was hoping for more on an angsty indie film feel but I’ll take it." Braden scoffed, looked over at the lad that had come over to sit next to him on the roof. 


"Don’t think we’ve ever met." 

I“‘m definitely not getting that feel, mate. Paddy Byatt, I’m not fuckin’ Irish, alright, my ma’ is like a brewery and I guess she liked Guinness a lot.” Balancing the cigarette that was burning rather quickly between his lips he held his hand out for the bloke to shake.

"What happens next..- We become mates, you fall in love with a girl that I’m willing to die for. We have a bit of a ruck, so what if one of us falls off a cliff and the other marries the girl of both of our dreams, our souls live on forever. Let’s not forget to add in the ‘I wrote to you for a year" yet somehow she just didn’t get the letters." Paddy’s laughter bellowed from his lips as he took a break from allowing smoke to enter his lungs. 


Of course ya’ do, considering ya do it yourself, ya’ always have. Paddy Byatt, set on making sure everyone see’s he lives up to his brother. People change, I’m not the same girl I was when I left, why the fuck would I pretend to be somebody? It’s me. Ask me anything and I bet I can tell ya’ the answer. Hey hey, that’s offensive. So I got a bit drunk and my clothes got ripped, so what? I have a birthmark the shape of two dancers on my hip, and you used to laugh about it all tha’ fuckin’ time. 

{Slipping down the edge of her skirt, she showed him the birthmark before readjusting it, and smirking her arms crossing over her chest as she gave an eye roll, this whole not believing her thing was making her get a headache.} 


Don’t forget Pads, that lying to ya’self ain’t gonna do shit, ya’ know it’s me so quit the denial, yeah? I’m not goin’ anywhere. We have lots to talk about, and you know it. So are ya’ gonna accept that it’s me or do I have to prove it? 

{Once she had bared her flesh to him he was sure it was her, not that he was unsure in the first place, he’d know her face anywhere. He took a deep breath, sort of like a gasp but much more subtle, a slight smirk painted across his face as he truly analysed the girls face for the first time in years, she was missing something, the realisation wiped his face clean. Her spark wasn’t there, it was clear that the bubbly girl he had met on his first day at school was buried deep beyond reach, she wasn’t smiling quite so much, more of the ‘I told you do’ grin that people do to make you feel small. Her eyes were dull and swollen. He turned away from her for a minute, running the cold water tap and filling two glasses up to the brim. He set one in front of her, his hand shakily moving the liquid to her, half nerves for he had to face up to his past without any warning, and half hungover from the night before, both problems possessing his every move. Paddy made his way out from behind the bar and motioned his hand so that she would follow him, bobbing his way up the stairs. Once he knew she had followed he slumped down on the sofa, taking a sip of water, his thumb reaching up to his soaked upper lip to rub it dry.}

You’ll have to prove it to me, I’m not so convinced yet. I’m not ready to bare my arse and secrets to somebody I hardly know - somebody I’ve just met, you or not, she still left without wanting anything to do with me, I certainly don’t know her anymore. Nicole would almost definitely kill ya for doing anything irrational to her ex, keep that in mind. Oh, and my uncle will be back soon so forget where the knives are kept, yeah? But if you have to, I request The Clash at my wake, maybe a bit of Michael Jackson at a push if you’re feeling extra pop.


It’s not like a Byatt to refuse giving anyone drink, I actually can’t believe ya’ don’t recognize the girl who took ya’ virginity, now that— that is shocking. I’m offended. It’s also pretty fuckin’ hilarious that you are working behind a bar and you aren’t eighteen yet, either. I may just tell on ya’. 


I don’t encourage underage drinking. No offence, darling, if you’re going to pretend to be somebody at least get in some practice with the mask before putting it in gear with someone close to her.. or was. Nicole wouldn’t leave the house without brushing her hair first and you look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, your face is black and your clothes are in tatters even if your skirt is so far up your arse - If you bend over I’m sure I’ll be able to see your ovaries.

Shan’t be a problem babes, me and the owner go way back - speaking of which will you get out of ‘ere, you’re putting the punters off their drink. Damn set on ruining my life aint ya. Piss off.



This looks like some daft opening scene of a movie that makes girls weak at the knees.


I think…. I think I miss her so much.- image

I should put that on  me CV “masters in counselling for the drunk bastards”. You miss her but you aint with her, why are you still here? That’s all you’re getting can I get back to my job now?

Kate Moss just invited me to her birthday party.



"Don’t cry Mini, don’t cry."

Oh shut the fuck up already. The only thing getting wet is your knickers, sweet cheeks. Have you not considered it being a prank? Kate Moss.. Get off your high horse.

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Awwww, don’t worry babes. You’re at the top of the list in my book.


Now I’m not so sure I’m happy with that. But I’d never of put you down as the girl who writes in a book.


If there’s one thing I missed about Bristol, it’s this shop. Best ice cream ever.


You just gon’ stuff your face and not offer me some?